Watches for the Metaverse.

A collection of functional NFT artworks on the Ethereum blockchain.

The GM Collection

Auctioned on OpenSea, Friday, 26 November, 20:00 UTC

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Our Mission

We love Watches.

We love NFTs.

The Metaverse is coming.

So - let's build Meta Watches.

A watch you can basically use and enjoy everywhere: On your phone, smartwatch, home, car, VR games, yacht, plane, spaceship, the metaverse.

We believe that unbundling design from hardware is the key idea for the future: Meta Watches combine the passion for traditional luxury watches and cutting-edge consumer technology.

We see NFT as the perfect platform to start a whole new ecosystem: Watch designers, brands, and watch lovers - the current generation, and the next one.

Welcome to the new time.

“Analog Summer 2021”

Our first collection is a set of unique watches, automatically generated, and represented as NFTs, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every watch will have a unique name and feature set. A Meta Watch is fully functional and will show you the current time on your device.

“Why ‘Summer’, it’s already pretty cold outside?” you may ask. Good point. Well, we started in the summer. The collection expresses the mood and feelings of the “hot NFT summer” we experienced this year.

Today, millions of luxury watches are created every year. Compared to that huge number, we start very exclusively, in a range between 1000 to 10.000 pieces. But this collection is not the last one. We will create more collections to establish a global brand around virtual watches.

The specific amount of pieces will reflect the community needs over the next weeks. We believe that the exclusiveness main driver will be a broad adaption to the meta concept. Our goal is to find a good balance between demand and exclusiveness.


“I got it. Shut up and take my money. How can I buy?”

There are 3 options:

1. Presale / Early Believer - "Analog Summer 2021 Collection"

We will be giving out a limited amount of whitelist roles for our early and engaged discord members who will be able to mint their watches before anyone else with low gas fees. Price and supply TBA.

2. Public Sale - First Drop

On some nice day in Nov/Dec (TBA), the minting starts. That means: You can mint watches here, on this website. You need a “MetaMask” account and some ETH. You will mint an unrevealed watch which will be revealed a few days after the sellout. Why do we do that? Fairness. We want everyone to have the same chance to get a really rare piece. Price and amount TBA.

3. Secondary Market

As soon as watches are minted, owners are free to re-sell their pieces at OpenSea. Here you can see and bid on watches you like.


The community is key for us: We want to bring together designers and collectors. We are here to establish an open community of people who have a genuine interest in watches, NFTs, and the Metaverse. If you want to be part of the movement, join us at Discord, Twitter, Instagram.

As an owner of a Meta Watch will have exclusive access to features and follow-ups through the roadmap.

The Road Ahead

We are here to stay. We think of decades - not months. We want to establish a global luxury brand for cross-platform watches. In fact, we want to become the Tesla of luxury watches. As an established company, we have a solid basis to do that.

Therefore, our goal is not to create and sell one single NFT collection. It is just the beginning.

A long road is still ahead of us. We see so much potential and have so many ideas for the future and would love to develop the roadmap together with you. But there are already some milestones that we want to share with you: We will release 2 editions per year, each with a specific theme. For the next year, we have already two collections in our pipeline: “Digital Spring” and “Chronographic Winter”.

For the upcoming collections, we are already in contact with young and popular designers from both worlds: NFT artists and luxury watch designers. If you are interested in joining the Association, please contact us.

We will develop functional Meta Watches for any container/device/ecosystem we can find. We also want to find a way to persuade Apple to open their ecosystem for 3rd parties (you can guess, that is not a walk in the park ;))

As soon as the collection is completely minted, we will work on long-term solutions like IPFS storage.

We will work on an open standard for functional NFTs for watches. This might be the beginning of the democratization of the watch industry.

Our Roadmap for “Analog Summer”

Active members of our community, advisors, ambassadors, and other early believers will get access to presales.

Public Sales / Minting:
The specific roadmap and its milestones for public sales will be announced soon.


Meta Watches is currently a project of Axonic - a German Software company. In the near future, we will establish our own company for Meta Watches.

Our CEO Martin bought his first BTC in 2013 and bought Cryptopunk #7344 in March 2021 - 6 hours after he read about NFT for the first time.

We believe that the NFT space is a friendly revolution in collaboration and ownership.
And we want to be a part of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?
NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it's a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

What is Minting?
Simply put, minting means creating and buying your watch. Here is the clue: To provide a fair distribution, we will reveal the the watch after the minting. Until then, the watch is not visible to anybody and its form, color, and type are completely random. You are buying your watch in a black box. Then watches are revealed at the same time after the drop.

What is a drop?
Our first drop will be the collection, "Analog Summer 2021" and will consist of uniquely generated watches. Stay tuned for more information about the drop size and date.

Can I buy a Meta Watch in USD or EUR?
No. We can only accept ETH. If you have any questions or difficulties we will find a way to help and guide you through the process. Please contact us.

Do I own the Meta Watch?
Yes. For private and commercial use. Please read our EULA.

What is Metamask?
Metamask is a crypto-wallet that can store your Ethereum and is needed to purchase and mint a Meta Watch.
Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xSPOO….777), this is where your NFT will be stored.
Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here.

How to mint with Metamask on a mobile phone?
If you are using a mobile phone to mint a Meta Watch, you need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs.
Launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application, and select "Browser".
This will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

How to mint with Metamask on a computer?
If you are using a computer to mint your Meta Watch, you just need to connect the Metamask plugin with our website and verify you have enough ETH to do the transaction. Then you will be able to click on the Mint button to buy a historic piece of engineering.

Buying NFT for the first time?
Get the Metamask Chrome or Firefox extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. Then click the button "MINT" to connect your wallet and approve the transaction on Metamask. That's it!

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Meta Watch?
Your Meta Watch NFT will appear in whichever address or connected wallet you used to purchase the item. You can see your freshly minted NFT card directly on your account.

That sounds great, how do I get in?
Join our Discord server or Twitter account and jump in on the conversation & share your ideas!

What can I do with my Meta Watches / How can I trade them?
You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.
Meta Watches adheres to the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.
Of course, you can wear it on any "container" you like: your phone, your smartwatch, your desktop screen etc.

Is a Meta Watch a good investment?
Please note that Metawatches are NFT based artworks, not investment assets. Please only buy NFTs with money you can afford to lose (please read our terms). Please do your own research. Apart from that, we believe that Metawatches are a wonderful way to express yourself.

What happens if you go out of business?
At a certain point on the roadmap - hopefully, in the next few weeks/months - we will take care to decentralize storage, e.g. on the IPFS storage system. The EULA / agreement will still be valid.

Are you associated with Facebook aka Meta Platforms?
No. In fact, we came up with this name much earlier. We started the registration process of the trademark and bought the domain name before the "meta" renaming of Facebook was published.
There is also a "pre-smartwatch-era" company; "meta watches inc" that wanted to build watch hardware. This company is also not linked to the "meta watch association" project.

Which platforms/devices are supported?
We are working very hard on bringing Meta Watches to as many devices and ecosystems as possible. First and foremost: Meta Watches run on almost any web browser - mobile and on the desktop. Currently, we can see many “walled gardens” in the wild. Apple does not allow watch apps on their devices. We, therefore, create unique backgrounds/clockfaces/wallpapers when native support is not possible at this time. We hope that someday, vendors will open up their closed systems and allow Meta Watches to run natively.